Brasserie De Bank in Harderwijk

It’s always a delightful experience to come to Brasserie “De Bank” and we just can’t get enough.  After a long day of work at vacation park Het Verscholen Dorp we just felt like enjoying an uncomplicated tasty bite in order to close the day. Jannette quickly came with the idea to go to Brasserie De Bank.
This cozy property is located on the Smeeportstraat no. 1, where you obviously still can appreciate  the old city wall and gate to the town of Harderwijk. The Brasserie is quite trendy, industrial and modern décor with a relaxed atmosphere. We were kindly received and we were prompt accompanied to  a nice high table, next to the open kitchen at the back of the local, where we have a beautiful sight on what is happening in the Brasserie. It’s interesting to see how the kitchen brigade checks the last details of all dishes that are about to be served. An amazing helpful bright young lady provides us a drink quickly, while we quietly scan the menu for delightful dishes. The menu is not too extensive, but there is enough choice and surprising combinations.

The salad is well stocked and looks fresh and crispy, Jannette’s request for some extra honey is quickly fulfilled. 

Jannette chooses a classic, the goat cheese salad. I'm going for the Catfish with pesto and linguini (they remind me of the film ratatouille, which I watched with our children). The ordered dishes are served quite prompt, they look very tasty and we can’t wait to start, yummie!! The salad is well stocked and looks fresh and crispy, Jannette’s request for some extra honey is quickly fulfilled. 
The catfish looks delicious and the dish is colorful set up. We are both very pleased with the choice and the plates remain completely clean, not much work left for the dishwashers.
We are very satisfied, but also a little bit tired after an intensive day of work vacation park Het Verscholen Dorp, so we decide to go home. Due to its ideal location next to the old town of Harderwijk and its shopping area; Brasserie “De Bank”is also an ideal choice for lunch or dinner. On Friday evening shops in the center have extended opening hours until 21:00 hrs, so you can even have more fun
Facts & figures
Website Brasserie De Bank
2 km away from vacation park Het Verscholen Dorp 
5 minutes by car 15 minutes by bicycle,
easy (paid) parking in the immediate vicinity, 2 hours free in the Houtwal garage
Ideal for couples, groups, but certainly also for families with children
Right in the Centre, nice to combine with shopping, city walk
Latte machiatto here is also highly recommended