Bring your dog along!

Bring your dog along!

There’s plenty to do for dogs in the area surrounding ‘Het Verscholen Dorp’. Let your dog run around and play freely in these beautiful natural areas with fantastic hiking trails.

In Holland, it is not allowed for you to let your dog walk around in public without a leash. There are several areas nearby ‘Het Verscholen Dorp’ where it’s allowed to let them run around freely.

There is a forest nearby ‘Het Verscholen Dorp’ named ‘Strokelbos’ where you can let your dog run around freely. You can find the ‘Strokelbos’ in the within a 5 to 10-minute drive from ‘Het Verscholen Dorp’ Harderwijk where you also find great hiking trails.

Another beautiful area which is ideal for dogs is “De Groevenbeekse Heide”. This is a large moorland surrounded by forest near the cozy town of Ermelo. There are still many old grave hills (prehistoric burial grounds), the 200-acre landscape is gently sloping. Free parking is provided at the end of the “Herderlaan”.

nullThe city of Harderwijk is surrounded by lots of water and several small beaches where you and your dog can have great times. At 10-minute drive you’ll find ‘Strand Horst’ and Strand Nulde at a 15-minute drive. On these beaches dogs are aloud between the 1st of October and the 1st of May.

There is one beach in the area on which dogs are allowed all year round. You will find a so-called Dog-beach at “Erkermederstrand” at only a 15-minute drive from ‘Het Verscholen Dorp’. The beach is 1.5 kilometres long with plenty of greenery.

They even have yearly ‘Dog Days’. On this day, there are many workshops and activities at which you can participate together with your dog! There will also be a 2 kilometres long market for all your dog supplies.

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