Frequent questions of clients

A good preparation is important! We can imagine there are surely some questions unanswered or you may still have some doubts to make a booking with us. Here below you find a list of FAQ (and answers)


  1. Which concepts are included in the rental price?
  2. The following concepts are included in the rental price:
    > Energy and water consumption
    > Municipal tourist rates
    > Access to the pool of the complex

    The rental price does not include:
    > Reservation fee costs €22.50
    > Final cleaning € 55
    > Rental of bed linen and towels €7.50 p.p. per set (optional)
    > Other items for rental, bicycles, tennis rackets, cots etc.

  1. Are there differences between the different types of accommodation?
  2. At bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp we rent different types of accommodation, bungalows for 6 or 8 people and various types of wooden chalets. These accommodations have differences among them in what refers to the distribution, please check box comparison here. The different lodgings, bungalows or chalets, of the same type may have differences in accessories, furniture, colors of the bungalow, inventory etc. (especially the budget bungalows and wooden villas). The pictures shown on our website are for illustrative and may vary from the reserved accommodation.
  1. How can I book?
  2. Very easy, via our booking form online or by phone 0031 341 820227 . If we have sent you a quotation first, you are welcome to reply the email in question confirming us the reservation.
  1. What is the procedure of reservation at Bungalowpark "Het Verscholen Dorp"?
  2. Once we have received your reservation request, we will confirm the booking firm by e-mail. In this confirmation we will detail you the dates of reservation and the contracted services, we also willl send you a pro-forma invoice of the reservation. In this confirmation we will detail you also the (pre)payments scheme. You simply must sign a copy of the confirmation and send it to us by mail, by way of confirmation.
  1. What prepayments are there to be doen?
  2. Once you have booked, we will confirm you the reservation. The reservation (pre)payments are based on the following periods (always based on the days between the date of booking up to the day of arrival):
    > Day of arrival less than 7 days: 100% payment on arrival, Cash, debit card or creditcard (creditcard payments + 3% convenience fee)
    > Day of arrival between 8 days and 1 month:: 100% by bank transfer or credit card charge within 8 days of the date of the confirmation
    > Day of arrival between 1 and 2 months: 50% within 8 days of the date of confirmation and 50% 4 weeks prior to the day of arrival, both payments by bank transfer or credit card charge
    > More than 2 months to arrival day: 50% within 14 days of the date of confirmation and 50% 4 weeks prior to the day of arrival, both payments by bank transfer or credit card charge

    Payments can be made by credit card, this modality of payment entails a convenience fee of 3% on the payment amount.
  1. What are the hours of arrival and departure?
  2. The day of arrival can you dispose of the booked accommodation from 15:00 hrs
    The day of departure the accommodation should be left vacant until 10:00 hrs maximum.
    (Weekend, 3 nights) weekend getaway begins on Friday at 15:00 hrs and ends on Monday at 10:00 hrs
    (Midweek, 4 nights) midweek getaway begins e Monday at 15:00 hrs and ends Friday at 10:00 hrs
    A stay of one week (week, 7 nights) begins on Friday at 15:00 hrs and ends Friday at 10:00 hrs
    If you wish to make a reservation from Monday to Monday or on dates that do not coincide with our day of arrival standard, please contact us, and we weill be glad to offer you alternatives based on our availability. If you get stuck in traffic and you will arrive later than expected? Please let us know and we will make check-in arrangements.
  1. Are pets welcome?
  2. Pets are also welcome at Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp. However dogs should make their needs outside the complex in the forest and must "behave" in the bungalow or chalet, i.e. not to sleep on sofas, beds, chairs or armchairs or damaging the furniture. Please mention your pet when you make the nd reservation in our park. Please also note that not all accommodations are available for pets. Accommodation for a pet costs are €10 for a weekend or midweek or €15 for a week. Pets must be provided with antiparasitic collars.


And in addition...


  1. Kids
  2. Let us know at the time of booking if you are also will be needig  cribs and high chairs for baby (€10 per stay), We'll take care that such articles already are prepared in the bungalow or chalet booked. Cribs are not equipped with linens.
  1. The reception at your disposal
  2. Although we do not expect it... during your holidays might arise unexpected mishaps, We are at your disposal to help/assist you in whatever emergency might happen. We are available by phone 24/7 to help you, 0341 820227