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Include your property for rent or sell

Do you want to rent?

Monetize your property
Get interesting incomes renting your bungalow or chalet while you do not enjoy it.
Global visibility
Travelers from around the world will have access to your property throughout the year, so that your property will be much more viewed and will be translated into 4 languages. This will increase the sales.
Comprehensive management
Our team will take care of the comprehensive management of your property, managing the payments, technical maintenance or resolution of any kind of incidence. You only have to verify the incomes on your bank account each month.
Multilingual assistance
Our team is at your and the guest's disposal , up to 4 languages and every day of the week.
Experience and reliability
Since 1994 we manage complex dealing with the management and operations of the bungalows and chalets for rent.

Or... would you like to sell?

Best market value
We know the market and will guide you on the best market value of your property so that your property is sold quickly.
Get rental incomes
Get also interesting incomes renting your bungalow or Villa, while you do not sell your property,
International marketing
In addition to the Netherlands, we'll get your property to potential buyers of several neighbouring countries such as Germany and Belgium. Your property will be much more view and translated into 4 languages.
We take care of and overview the entire process
We will contact potential buyers, we will assist you with allt the steps to follow, as well as drawing up contracts from beginning until the end of the sale-purchase transaction.
Fixed commission, no strings attached
We will charge a fixed fee regardless of the final price. We will not surprise you with unexpected costs of advertising.

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Here's more info on registration, commission, and other aspects of how work

Through these pages, we would like to inform you about the various aspects in which Holiday Park Het Verscholen Dorp is active. This information is relevant to all (potential) owners of a holiday home, regardless of whether it is rented or not.

Frequently asked questions, FAQ'S

On this page, you will find the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers regarding the hiring of a vacation home via Holiday Park Het Verscholen Dorp.

Is your question not yet answered? Please fill out the Contact form. Our reservation department will answer your question as soon as possible.


  1. Who is Het Verscholen Dorp? What do we offer?
  2. Holiday Park Het Verscholen Dorp is a medium-sized vacation park managed by Jannette Bijsterbosch and Sisco Fuster. We are an accessible independent family business. We are constantly on the move to please guests as well as possible. In addition to being a vacation provider, Het Verscholen Dorp is also an interesting party for investors. An Investment in a property that is rented out via Het Verscholen Dorp, is a proven formula for success.
  1. Booking process
  2. Seven days a week, we process many phone calls and e-mails. Already over 60% of all sales are via the website of Het Verscholen Dorp. Due to the rapid advance of Android devices and IPads, this will only increase. Through a comprehensive search & book feature on the website, potential guests can search and book entirely to personal preference for a holiday accommodation. Guests can also book through tour operators, booking portals, and travel agents.
  1. Marketing
  2. The marketing team of Holiday park Het Verscholen Dorp is constantly looking for effective and innovative ways to achieve more reservations and inspire guests. The emphasis is on perception and interaction. There are several online options such as an up-to-date website and email marketing. Specific internet pages are developed to inform (potential) customers who search through search engines (such as Google) to find certain holidays, vacation parks, or facilities as well as possible. One example is our blog where we inspire potential customers about what to see and do in the Veluwe.
  1. Distribution of rental income
  2. The booking system of Het Verscholen Dorp distributes the gross rental incomes within the accommodations of the same type as far as possible and in proportion to availability, so that the accommodations generate equal rental income, in the best way possible. Preferred bookings of guests are always taken into account.
  1. Owners website
  2. Right after the purchase of a property, an owner's account will be created for owners that let the property use the professional organization of Het Verscholen Dorp. With these owners, accounts can be logged online.
  1. On the owner's website is various information is displayed:
  2. > Reservations of the relevant accommodation
    > Overview of cost
    > Overview of invoices
  1. Making your bookings
  2. As an owner you can make your bookings, this means bringing reservations of your own. When achieving reservations of your own, the commission to be paid is always lower.
  1. VAT
  2. When renting out accommodations we advise new owners to contact a tax expert. A tax expert can give you good advice regarding your specific tax position. It can be worth it when an owner registers as a private '' small business owner ''. The owner is then '' entrepreneur '' and can deduct the sales tax/ VAT. This can be both about rental proceeds and the costs for the accommodation.
  1. Commuter tax or tourist tax
  2. When you purchase a holiday home in a municipality other than your own home and the property is more than 90 days per year available for yourself, then the commuter tax is applicable, otherwise, the tourist tax will apply. More information can be found on the website of the relevant municipality.
  1. Rent incomes. When are the rental incomes paid?
  2. Rental revenues are paid by default to the owner at the end of each month or the beginning of the following month. You will receive a settlement, with a report of revenue and costs. Before the end of the next month, the balance of this settlement shall be paid, transferred by the bank.
  1. Maintenance
  2. Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp takes care of all the maintenance and facilitates and provides the owner where possible. In the rental agreement, Het Verscholen Dorp specifies to which maintenance issues the parties commit.  As a rule, Het Verscholen Dorp usually consults the owner in case of necessary repairs and major repair issues, to meet arrangements. Het Verscholen Dorp provides at least regular garden maintenance, such as lawn mowing and cleaning up leaves in the fall
  1. Annual inspection
  2. Het Verscholen Dorp does an annual inspection in the holiday home, to keep it in good shape of maintenance, the inventory, and general issues are checked so that the vacation home can continue to be rented. For this purpose a technical report is used, that gives a clear picture of the state of maintenance for both Owner and Het Verscholen Dorp. Each year the owner will receive an overview of the necessary improvements and maintenance for the rental of the property. This ensures that the quality of accommodation meets the expectations of the guests.
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