Other cities nerby, you must see

Apeldoorn, a bustling city!

Apeldoorn is the largest town in the Veluwe region,city surrounded by natural beauty of the natural park "De Veluwe"  and just 30 minutes drive from our holiday park. Even today with a population of around 150,000 it still retains a small town charm with a town hall, market square with daily markets, and friendly locals zipping by on bicycles. Picturesque parks and gardens, old churches, and mills provide rustic elements. Must sees are:

  • The monkey Zoo ' De apenheul ',is a popular monkey zoo featuring different species of monkeys and apes living in natural settings. There is plenty of interaction between visitors and primates, as some are allowed to roam freely
  • Palace het Loo, The best way to get an impression of how the Royal Family lived throughout the last few centuries, is by visiting Palace Het Loo. The palace can be divided into three sections:
    The museum: has a splendid collection of historical objects, art and fashion.
    The former stables and coach houses: present a great line-up of carriages and old timers.
    The gardens and palace park: are still in their original 17th century style.
  • The Juliana Tower, a very famous fun children's amusement park. The park has more than 60 attractions and spectacular shows! Families with children from 2 to 10 years old, will certainly enjoy themselves.

Apeldoorn is also very suitable for a fun day of shopping. The town has a very varied range of shops. In the center there is also a shopping mall, so even on a rainy day you can still shopping to your heart's content. There are a large number of cosy terraces to enjoy a drink and relax. The Caterplein is located at the end of the main street, where vibrant nightlife takes place. Here you will find a mix of cosy cafés and bars. Enough reasons to enjoy a day Apeldoorn!

It happens in Amersfoort!

Amersfoort is a very diverse city and has plenty to offer to everyone! The city is just a 20 minutes drive from Harderwijk. The architecture of the city is special and historic, the inner city shows an amazin historical architecture and the events being held there are unforgettable!

What you absolutely should not miss, if you are to visit Amersfoort: 

The koppelpoort, this particular port is part of the former city wall and has a fairy-like / medieval appearance.

Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, also called the "lange jan/ long John", the eyecatcher of the city and is one of the highest church towers of Netherlands. If you feel like you can climb the 300 single stepts up to the top of the tower.

Muurhuizen (Wall homes), a piece of middle ages in the middle of the city. The houses in this area of the city are constructed from pieces of wall of the old city wall. Very nice to get lost in this part of the town.

We also recommended you to have a walk through the old town. There are different possibilities to engage a guided tour and this is simplye the best way to get to know all about this amazing city. The town has also many cosy squares, terraces, trendy shops and cosy cafés

Amersfoort, absolutely worth your visit!

Discover Zwolle!

A medieval centre, star restaurants and excellent events; in the Hanseatic town of Zwolle you will find it all. Culture is at the heart of this Hanseatic city where you will find several museums and where historical facades, the "verdedingsmuur" (Defending walls)  and the star-shaped city with Canal will tell you to the history of this extraordinary city.

In many places you can enjoy tasty meals, Zwolle is a culinair city and is very well known for the many pure flavors and star restaurants. The Zwolle balls and Mustard but also the Zwolse Whiskey are wide known!

Zwolle also has a variety of shops. Large chains and smaller specialty shops. The shopping area is concentrated in the streets around the center.  On Friday morning and Saturday is also a market in the town of Zwolle.

Discover Zwolle,  just a half hour drive from Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp